GreenCast Turf App

Syngenta launches newly revamped GreenCast® Turf App
12 Jun 2023

  • App delivers time-saving tool for course superintendents
  • Records spray application details and generates reports
  • Helps create more efficient, effective tank mixes
  • Improves efficiency of record-keeping and reporting
  • Supports responsible stewardship and best practices for pesticide applications.

Syngenta is launching a new and improved version of their GreenCast® Turf App aimed at helping superintendents streamline their spray applications.

The app records spray applications, gives easy access to Syngenta product labels and helps build more effective, efficient tank mixes through software calculations.

“Precision tank-mixing and product dosage are important for appropriate pest control and environmental stewardship,” says Matt Legg, Syngenta Professional Solutions Technical Lead. “The app simplifies product application and reduces the potential for error while improving communication between operators.”

The GreenCast Turf App allows users to input a range of spray parameters, including tank size, volume, driving speed and acreage specific to their location.

With this information, the app generates a specific tank filling plan that includes both product and water volume. Calculations can be saved for future use.

Detailed spray reports are emailed in multiple file formats including PDF and CSV, and they are also saved within the application for convenient record-keeping.

The reports also include information required by various agencies including date and time of applications, driving speed, weather conditions during applications, nozzle details, active ingredients used, quantity – and more.

“At Syngenta, we partner with Canadian superintendents to help create inspired places to work and play through science and education,” says Legg. “This app is another tool available to them to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of golf course operations.”

Additionally, superintendents can save money for their club by using the GreenCast Turf App to build out seasonal Syngenta turf product bundles.

The new GreenCast Turf App is now available on the App Store and Google Play.