About the Program

The GreenPartners program is a loyalty program designed to enhance your business and provide even greater value to you, the customer. In addition to Syngenta’s technical support, research and development pipeline, and turf solutions, GreenPartners provides additional value for your support of Syngenta branded products.

How do I earn points?

When you purchase Syngenta products through an authorized Syngenta retailer, your points automatically accrue with no forms or paperwork required. After your purchases are reported by the retailer your points will be available on the secure GreenPartners website, and you can simply check your balance online. Points are awarded based on the amount of each specific product that is purchased (see Matrix). In addition, special promotions and programs are offered throughout the year that will allow you to be able to earn bonus points for specific purchases.

How do I redeem points?

When you are ready to redeem points for a reward, the GreenPartners website has a selection of over 30,000 items to choose from including smart phones and tablets, office equipment, Association dues and conference registration and travel.


A minimum of $8,000 in sales during a sales season (01Dec to 30Nov) must be obtained to be eligible for the program.

The points are the property of the Golf Course, not the account manager.

Points will have an expiry date. Periodically, the program will wrap up any unused points. Accounts managers will be notified prior to this happening.

Visit GreenPartners site
For more information on GreenPartners please contact your Syngenta Turf Specialist.

Ryan Beauchamp