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IPM Scout Training

Module 2: Monitoring for Spring Diseases

Prior to taking the quiz, please review the Monitoring for Spring Diseases Tech Note (click here to go there now).

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 1. Anthracnose basal rot is most commonly found on: .

 2. In what month is anthracnose basal rot likely to start infecting the plants?

 3. When is the typical month symptoms of anthracnose basal rot will first be evident?

 4. Pythium root rot is most likely to occur on:                 

 5. The symptoms of Pythium root rot are:                

 6. Take-all patch usually infects:               

 7. Are you likely to see the symptoms of take-all patch in the spring?               
 8. Summer patch usually infects:                    

 9. Which statement is false?                    

 10. The two times to treat for summer patch and take all patch include:               

 11. How do you justify the preventative application of a fungicide treatment for control of summer patch or take-all patch under the new IPM Regulations?