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Improve your course operation by using Syngenta foliar turf nozzles

Syngenta formulates the highest quality turf protection products. Yet, we must consider that there are several additional factors to achieving great disease control that are often overlooked and misunderstood; they include:

  1. Application Timing
  2. Sprayer Setup
  3. Nozzle Selection

Information about application timing and sprayer setup is currently available on GreenCast®.ca, now nozzles are as well!

An engineered solution to golf course application - Syngenta XC Nozzles, are a breakthrough in turf application technology, to deliver better and more accurate results.

XC04 Nozzle pamphlet cover Syngenta Turf XC Nozzles: Nozzle 04 Information sheet (Français)

XC08 Nozzle pamphlet cover Syngenta Turf XC Nozzles: Nozzle 08 Information sheet (Français)

XC25 Nozzle pamphlet cover Syngenta Turf XC Nozzles: Nozzle 025 Information sheet (Français)

For more information to acquire the Syngenta XC Nozzles please contact your Syngenta Turf Specialist: :

Jason Steadwell
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Ryan Beauchamp
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Scott White
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or contact (519) 535-2770